From products to process, the work of business is constantly transforming. Today’s top careers did not exist five years ago and we’ll soon be looking for talent to fill positions that have not yet been imagined. The quality of service we provide for our clients has them looking to expand our organization in additional locations throughout the nation and overseas. As a result, we are always welcoming the opportunity to work with ambitious individuals with a strong work ethic and a career minded approach.

Our philosophy of merit based, internal promotions guarantees that we are able to offer career opportunities and growth potential to people of all backgrounds. Our management training program is designed to take people from an entry level, direct marketing position into a management role within our organization. Direct one on one comprehensive training from upper management in all areas of our business; from sales and marketing to public relations and team management.

Our top performing representatives all possess outstanding interpersonal skills, an unbeatable work ethic, unquestionable integrity, a willingness to learn and a desire to grow both personally and professionally. Our approach can not be outsourced which provides unmeasurable opportunity for our organization and as well as for our client.

If you are interested in learning about potential employment opportunities with Milestone, please contact our office at (918) 551-6136 or submit a copy of your resume to  our HR Department at hr@milestoneconsultinginc.com.